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  • Are there special characters that cannot be used in WebDAV?

    Most special characters won't be displayed properly in WebDAV. Supported characters differ depending on the implemented software and don't always work the same on different operating systems.

    Therefore the usage of certain special characters can restrict access to files and folders.

    These characters can always be used:

    Description Character
    letters A-Z / a-z
    numbers 0-9
    hyphen -
    underscore _
    period .


    List of special characters won't always work or don't get dispayed properly:

    Description Character
    plus sign +
    tilde ~
    hashtag #
    percent %
    ampersand &
    asterisk *
    curly braces { }
    square brackets [ ]
    forward slash /
    backward slash \
    colon :
    semicolon ;
    comma ,
    angle brackets < >
    questionmark ?
    pipe |
    quotation marks "
    high sign ^
    equal sign =
  • Can I see my available Filsystem Quota in the Webinterface?

    Not at the moment.

  • Is there a maximal pathlength in Windows?

    The maximal pathlength in Windows (MAX_PATH) is set to 260 characters.

    A local path has to be structured in the following order: drive letter, colon, backslash, name components separated by backslashes.

    For example, the maximum path on drive D is:

    (The characters < > are used here for visual clarity and cannot be part of a valid path string.)

    D:\<256-character path string>

  • How can I empty the waste bin?

    Log in to your online stoney storage. Click on "Deleted files" in the bottom left corner.

    Here you will see your deleted files. Tick the top square or only the documents you definitely want to delete, followed by clicking "Delete" in the right corner. Your data will be deleted from your stoney storage for good.

  • Which Domain Registrar is recommended by stepping stone Ltd.?

    We recommend amenic ag.

    To let us administer your Domain at amenic ag, please use the following information for the technical contact:
    Amenic ID: 3XKY92, stepping stone Ltd., Michael Eichenberger

  • How can I upgrade the size of my stoney storage?

    Please send an email to, providing following information:

    - Your 7-digit stoney storage ID.

    - The desired storage size.

  • What is the difference between GB (Gigabyte) and GiB (Gibibyte)?

    The first one mentioned uses decimal (SI) and the second one binary (IEC) unit prefixes. The actual sizes are shown in the table beneath.

    SI unitMeaningIEC unitMeaning
    Kilobyte (KB)1 000 ByteKibibyte (KiB)1 024 Byte
    Megabyte 1 000 000 ByteMebibyte (MiB)1 048 576 Byte
    Gigabyte (GB)1 000 000 000 ByteGibibyte (GiB)1 073 741 824 Byte
    Terabyte (TB)1 000 000 000 000 ByteTebibyte (TiB)1 099 511 627 776 Byte
    Petabyte (PB)1 000 000 000 000 000 BytePebibyte (PiB)1 125 899 906 842 624 Byte
    Exabyte (EB)1 000 000 000 000 000 000 ByteExbibyte (EiB)1 152 921 504 606 846 976 Byte


    More information can be found on Wikipedia.



  • How do I know if my stoney storage is full?

    You will receive an e-mail when your stoney storage space is 85% full (By default the capacity is set to 85%, please contact us when you would like to adjust this). This message will be send to you daily.

    There are several options for what to do when your storage is full.

    • You can order more storage. For that you can contact our support and request to enlarge your storage.
    • Delete the data you do not need anymore.
  • What are the stepping stone Ltd. DNS servers called?

    The stepping stone Ltd. authoritative DNS servers are: --> --> --> -->

  • Which operating systems are supported?

    • Windows
    • Mac OS X
    • Linux
  • What are my DNS settings when they are not with stepping stone Ltd.?            3600 IN CNAME 3600 IN     A

    Replace with your domain name.

  • Why does the stepping stone Ltd. use Nextcloud?

    The stepping stone Ltd. relies on moden open source technologies. This is especially prevalent in the case of Nextcloud with its opzimized Functions and state-of-the-art security features. These reasons convinced us to choose Nextcloud.

  • What is Nextcloud?

    Nextcloud is a so called "fork" of ownCloud. A fork is a project that has been split into a new version. Most of the time when such a fork happens, the developers have internal disputes over the future of the project. Some developers may want the project to go into another direction and then they create a fork.

    In the case of ownCloud/Nextcloud, the original creator created a fork for this reason.

    The Nextcloud developers have been implementing many Security features since the split, part of which ownCloud has also adopted.

  • Why should I use Nextcloud when I use stoney storage?

    You can access your data anytime and anywhere in the world by logging in to the webbrowser with your credentials. If you would like to synchronise your data with stoney storage locally you need a synchronisation software.

    stoney storage uses Nextcloud as base software. Accordingly you need a Nextcloud compatible client so that the synchronisation of your data can proceed automatically.

  • Why is the showed stoney storage quota different to the monitoring/filesystem?

    The quota visible on stoney storage is an user quota and does not reflect the used space or available space on the file system at all. You can define these quotas in the user administration menu. Additionally to the real data the file system used space will also contain the previous and deleted versions of files. These can take up to 50% of the free space until they are cleaned automatically. This however can happen delayed and may need to be done manually in some cases.

  • What can I do, if I cannot access my Online Storage folders with Windows Vista?

    Please download the following update from the Microsoft Website and install it: Software Update for Web Folders (KB907306)

  • I should have a backup of my data, is this possible?

    Yes, we offer stoney backup.

  • Do I have access to my data during my holidays or business trips?

    Of course, your data is accessible worldwide.

  • Which protocols are supported?

    WebDAV via HTTPS

  • How much disk space do I need?

    This depends on your expected amount of data. You can purchase additional storage at any time.

Download Storage Client

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